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youfallaway's Journal

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Lindsey. 21. Louisiana.

;;The Loves
Music. Keri Russell. Movies. Scott Michael Foster. Shopping. Bethany Joy. Writing. Reese Witherspoon.
College Football. Hilarie Burton. Winter. Taylor Kitsch. Chocolate. Christina Ricci. Pictures. Jake Gyllenhaal.

;;The Music
Ryan Adams. A Fine Frenzy. Rosie Thomas. Augustana. Michelle Featherstone. Ray LaMontagne.
Sarah McLachlan. Gavin DeGraw. Tegan and Sara. Tyler Hilton. Liz Longley.
Jeff Buckley. Imogen Heap. Kendall Payne. Eisley.

;;The Movies
Pretty Woman. Walk the Line. Waitress. The Breakfast Club.
Almost Famous. The Man in the Moon. Sixteen Candles. Million Dollar Baby. Cruel Intentions.
Clueless. Steel Magnolias. Terms of Endearment. Donnie Darko.

;;The Shows
Felicity. BtVS. Friends. Mad Men. Greek. Friday Night Lights.
The Office. Gilmore Girls. Dawson's Creek. One Tree Hill.

;;The Ships
Felicity and Ben. Rachel and Ross. Monica and Chandler. Pete and Peggy.
Pacey and Joey. Casey and Cappie. Jim and Pam. Tim and Lyla.

;;Shameless Pimpage
dealmeout kiss_yoursoul musicjunkies_x dareyouto_write